Buying apartment & Air conditioning

If I ever buy an apartment or house ever again I will never make the mistake of getting a place without air conditioning ever again. It’s not even so much that the heat is that unbearable. If you have a ceiling fan, or even a couple of cheap standing ones, most days are perfectly bearable. Sure, there are some days where the temperature creeps up past forty and you need to seek refuge in a shopping centre or a movie theater, but for the most part you’ll be fine.

The main reason I would never move into a place with air conditioning is actually because of the sheer amount of stress that the process of installing cooling has been for me. Now, I was pleasantly surprised when I called an HVAC company to be told that split system installation in Melbourne is not too expensive, certainly not the price point I was expecting. I was also pleasantly surprised when they said that could get the whole process done in a couple of weeks.

What I was not pleasantly surprised by was coming home from work one day to my downstairs neighbour standing with his arms crossed outside my apartment door, looking like he was just about ready to murder me. Or if not murder me then definitely try to make my life much more difficult than it ever needed to be.

My neighbour proceeded to inform me that he wouldn’t allow me to get air conditioning installed. I’m not too proud to admit that the simple sentence completely floored me. I had no idea why wouldn’t allow it, nor did I take it seriously at all. He then told me that because of how the apartment building was set up, it would be necessary for the technicians to run wires behind one of his walls. And of course, he wouldn’t allow that.

To tell the truth, to this day I have very little clue as to why he had decided not to allow it. I tried everything from going round on a Sunday afternoon with cookies to asking the superintendent to speak with him. Nothing worked. There was no legal reason he had to let the wires be put in behind his wall, and so the process dragged on and on.

It seemed that I would never get air conditioning put in, and after a while I had simply accepted my fate. Until halfway through summer a miracle occurred; I got a call from my neighbour’s daughter. She had convinced her father to allow it, but only if I kept bringing cookies around.

Now each summer, I turn on my cooling and mentally thank that young girl for whatever she had said to her father. And then I bake some cookies.